Hi! I’m Amedalhi, a web developer, food technologist, and maker of stuff. I like coming up with creative solutions for all kinds of things, big and small.

As a food technologist, I’ve focused on product development, commercialization, and continuous improvement. I've been lucky to work with some of the top food companies, creating modern, fun, and innovative solutions and products.

My current focus is on web development and programming, bringing ideas to life with an emphasis on user experience and thoughtful design.

When I'm not making stuff, I enjoy spending time with my Aussie named Appa, looking at maps, running (slowly), buying board games (I sometimes play them too!), and researching gear for obscure hobbies I may never pursue. I also strongly believe that Lay’s Classic Potato Chips are the pinnacle of perfectly engineered snacks.

If you want to collaborate, hire me, or just have a chat about food and tech, reach out!